Aug 9, 2024

Twist & Turns POQ Kids' Weekend

Get ready for an exciting adventure at the Twists & Turns POQ Kids' Weekend! This game-themed, Bible-based weekend is packed with fun, learning, and unforgettable moments. Join us for a journey through the twists and turns of life as we explore Biblical stories, play interactive games, and discover how God can guide us through every challenge.

Highlights include:

  • Interactive Bible Lessons: Dive into engaging stories that teach valuable lessons.

  • Fun and Games: Enjoy a variety of games and activities designed to keep kids entertained and active.

  • Crafts and Creativity: Get creative with hands-on crafts that bring Bible stories to life.

  • Worship and Music: Sing and dance along to uplifting worship songs that celebrate God.

  • Team Challenges: Work together in teams to navigate exciting challenges and build lasting friendships.

Join us for a weekend full of twists, turns, and tons of fun as we learn about God's guidance and love! Don't miss out on this amazing adventure at the Twists & Turns POQ Kids' Weekend!

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